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It took 5 seconds after landing in CDG to realize how many beautiful men France has to offer. In the spirit of holiday countdowns and yearly wrap-ups, feast your eyes upon the 12 French men who have made my heart skip a beat over the past year.

1. Brand-new to France, (and unaware of what I was about to get myself into) I stumbled upon reruns of un gars, une fille and the glorious face of Jean Dujardin who would soon become famous worldwide for The Artist. 

2. An afternoon screening of Nos Jours Heureux introduced me to the adorable Lannick Gautry. Beau beau beau!

3. The hilariously charming Gad Elmah played a detective in Midnight in Paris, but is better known for his hilarious stand-up. Also we are birthday twins.

4. A lazy vacation afternoon resulted in an impromptu trip to see Radiostars in theaters. I'll remember it for two reasons: the killer soundtrack, and the adorable Manu Payet. Homeboy can wear a hoodie.

5. Male model. Enough said. Gaspard Ulliel

6. Black swan would have lost a lot of creep factor without the mysteriously handsome Vincent Cassel. 

7. Stuck in the north of France watching the Olympics day and night had it's perks the minute the swimming relays began. Two words: Camille Lacourt.

8. To understand the lives of French ados, watch LOL. The age of consent is lower in France so you don't need to feel guilty crushing on Jeremy Kapone.

9. Orelsan. The fact that he wrote "Pour le pire" means he would be the shittiest boyfriend, but you wouldn't be able to tell by looking at him.

10. Canal + is the coolest cable channel and Vincent Clerc is their newest presenter.

11. Rugby is the closest you can get to football over here, which makes Bertrand Chameroy the equivalent of Tom Brady, but better, because he's French

12. Ever since Roman Duris pulled off the Dirty Dancing choreography in L'Arnacoeur, he's been France's favorite rom-com star. FOR GOOD REASON.

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