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Tucked away on the quaint streets of the 7e is Cotume Cafe, a modern cafe with indie-design and sleek feel. The American-inspired sandwiches and 3 euro coffees are pretty basic fare, but the atmosphere is young and fun. We sat at our tile-topped table in-between two bilingual couples who wisely ordered the lunch special, an amazing platter of mixed greens, smoked salmon and herbed potatoes.

A few streets back from Le Bon Marche, it's subtle enough to retain some French style, but I get the impression that is a favorite of ex-pats and English-speaking visitors. In search of cool design? This is your place: glass beakers a la high school chemistry serve as carafes d'eau, and there are stacks of burlap sacks of coffee the back corner. One has to wonder if this is part space-saver, part-installation art?

47 rue de Babylone
75007 Paris

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