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The bustling center of Châtelet Les Halles is a confusing mix of chain restaurants, wholesale shops and an expansive, never-ending construction site that contributes to a confusing environment and attitude. 

Two steps from the center marked by the Fountain des Innocents is Jip's Cafe, an Afro-Cuban bar-resto that has the most delicious coffee cocktails in all of Paris. 

The decor is shabby-chic, with upcycled glass liquor bottles that serve as carafes d'eau, with huge multicolored melted wax candles displayed on mismatched wood tables. 

Five euros will get you a cafe del Rio: heavily rhumed coffee topped with whipped cream and roasted coffee beans.

Stop in for a drink and realize you've passed by countless times without realizing. Sunday nights are best for people watching--dance instructors teach salsa starting around 5pm. 

41, rue Saint-Denis
75001 Paris


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  1. Best boozey coffees ever!! At the start I thought this was a post about the shopping centre and was about to disown you as a drinking buddy!!


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