instagrams: take 4

by - 8:30 AM

After a five-day weekend of recovering, eating, and shopping, it's finally time to head back to work. Ugh. Here's a quick peek into my life. 

Getting all my wisdom teeth out {and snapping secret photos of my x-ray} required some serious grocery shopping at my favorite Whole Foods. Never one to let me down, the store had upped their cute factor since my last visit. Not only had they begun to decorate their Christmas trees and set up stuffed animal penguins, but they've also got some new gift cards in stock: fun colors and pun-ny greetings like happy hollandaise, for the halibut, hugs and adorable?

Last week's visit to see 'The Muppets' midnight showing in Georgetown also ended up in some serious window shopping at Barney's, drooling over the rows of Alexander Wang 'Rocco' totes. Nothing like an Elf marathon to fall asleep to, with Simba by my side. Whatta goof. 


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  1. Love the images, looks like your days were pretty full.

  2. Wonderful instagrams. Thank You for the sneak peek. Xxx

  3. So your week consisted of creepy X-ray, giant penguins, and liquor. ...couldn't have been better. :)

    In all seriousness, it's always fun to see a collection of images like that!

  4. looks like a great week love the penguins

  5. I hope your wisdom teeth went ok- I was bed ridden for a week! I love all of these photos (especially of the penguins).

  6. love this post!!


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