IFM: an intro

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Paris is (undeniably) the capital of fashion. Home to the top couture houses in the world, Paris also boasts some of the top-level schools in fashion design, creation and management.

In France, the Ivy-League schools are referred to as Grands Ecoles, "big" schools that enjoy name-recognition with a significant price-tag to boot. 

In 2016, the IFM (Institut Français de la mode) ranked in as the #1 fashion school in France, and #3 worldwide.

The school offers classes in both English and French, as well as summer school programs. Founded in 1986 by Pierre Bergé, the school maintains a strong connection with professional organizations and fashion houses in it goal to provide a practical education with an emphasis on experience over theory. To put it lightly, if you can make it at the IFM, you can make it anywhere. 

If you're interested in applying the IFM, there are many important factors to consider. Stay tuned for more!

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