I've seen these Ivanka Trump shoes before...

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The Trump family has been making headlines for their unorthodox business methods and charming rhetoric. The ever-charming Ivanka Trump, who works with the manufacturer Marc Fischer, has gotten herself into hot water in the past over the issue of copyright with the Italian footwear brand Aquazurra. It seems that her election duties haven't been slowing down her fashion empire. Her latest releases on Zappos seem very similar to the classic Chanel sling backs whose design dates all the way back to...1950. Take a look and decide for yourself.

 The "liah" heels retail for $125.

Don't they look familiar? But wait! There's more...

The Chanel sling backs retail for, more. 

They come in gray, too. 

Ivanka's "tavyn" flats retail for $130 $90.99.

The "Chrissy" sandals by Aquazurra will run you $675.

There are loads of other sites that can point you in the direction of copycat models of the latest shoes. The question remains how Ivaka Trump the brand and Marc Fisher are able to produce similar models of well-known and lusted-after shoes without facing a legal repercussions. Following their heavily-publicized battled against Aquazzura over the Wild Thing heel, it's quite unthinkable that Chanel, and the always-sassy Karl, will stay silent. 

Time will tell.

And if you haven't registered to vote, please do. 

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