what do you mean i can't watch HULU over here?

by - 12:00 PM

The only thing more frustrating than waiting six extra hours to watch American television shows online is realizing you're blocked from streaming them because you live abroad.


The technology addiction I've been fueling since freshman year of college has made my life sans-Pandora and Hulu nearly unbearable. For the last year I bothered with spotty streaming of my favorite shows from bizarre sites that attacked me with an endless stream of scandalous pop-up ads. I was one New Girl marathon away from a nasty Trojan virus or spyware mishap.

Entrez HotSpot Shield.

Serving dual purposes as an IP-blocker and VPN client, this program means I can get back to discovering new music and easily watch HD shows and movies.


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  1. My H is always using an ip blocker to watch sports games that are blacked out in our area. I hope it keeps working for ya!

  2. I'm thinking of using it for the Super Bowl now that you mention sports games...such a great idea!


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