sois ultra.

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My latest coup de coeur is stocked on the shelves of my local supermarche, ie. it's not expensive. Entrez Garnier L'huile merveilleusehuile d'argan + camélia

Argan oil first entered my life through the advice of a friend and fellow American-in-Paris who had lugged her brightly-hued teal bottles with her, convinced that the one thing Paris lacked was proper hair care. 

{ Sidenote: Seemingly perfect French girls spotted on the metro with enviously-long locks are hiding a secret. Many an abrupt-metro-break has lanced me into other passengers, giving me an up-close and personal view of their meter-long split-ends. Je ne veux pas. } 

Two drops are just enough to smooth out any fly aways and condition the worst winter damage. Officially hooked. 

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