wish list: fragonard everything.

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When scientists finally decode the human genome, there will be a X-linked trait for bath + beauty products. The Rococo-loving designers at Fragonard realize that in the land of sweet-smelling products,  it is all about pretty packaging. 

With a perfectly-placed store centered at the Carousel de Louvre, steps away from the famous inverted pyramid, Fragonard sells adorable embroidered napkins, coin purses and hand towels, along with a range of floral scented loveliness. 

1.  french riviera gift set. adorable book-themed packaging at it's finest. 
2. embroidered napkins. french vocabulary lessons while you eat.
3. a fun printed tray with images from Fragonard's own paintings. 
4. embroidered travel bags. in french, trousses
5. their famous heart-shaped soap


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  1. I love that fact & I love Fragonard. Have you been to the museum in the 8eme? You should go, it is free! I was beside myself looking at the old perfume labels - there were some very cool, modern, beautiful graphics from the 1860s.!


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