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I have a mind-crush on you, Ryan O'Connell. Of all the posts on Thought Catalog (my go-to internet source of self-reassurance) your posts have earned a worship-status in my heart. Maybe it's your heavy use of the #20something tag or your perfectly chosen pop culture references, I can't decide, but I am addicted. 

It's as if you know me. I'm talking connaitre over savoir. This is a soul-mate, BFF-level connection.

Browsing through your archives is a weekly ritual I take part in with my best friend: sharing your most appropriate (and insightful) posts over gchat, we copy and paste our favorite passages, replying with a series of "remember whens" and "this is so my life," finding comfort in knowing that we are not the only ones who feel this way about, well, everything

My most recent obsession, What I Want Out of Life, is a short-but-sweet piece that echos the sentiments I've found myself discussing (ie. lamenting) with friends. Sometime after turning 23, the allure of having a settled, 'real-person' life with responsibilities infiltrates your brain.

"I want good sex, comfortable sex, exciting sex, and boring sex all with the same person."

"I want to be one of those older, sophisticated adults who not only looks like they have it all together but actually does!"

"I want to always be able to do what I love and never imagine a different reality."

Amen. Jobs that pay the bills are necessary, but the luxury of happiness lies in cultivating a career of your own choosing, with someone who gets your jokes and is willing to stick around. So, how do I do that? 


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  1. I love reading and connecting with the Thought Catalog, too... Especially the 20something parts that are so on-point you'd think you wrote them yourself! I love the ones you picked-- so true. Xo


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