pick a side

by - 6:08 AM

History is rich with tales of two opposing teams: Caplet versus Montague, Napoleon versus, well, the world. Paris is no different: Lady Seine divides the city into two banks: Right and Left. While they're physically above and below the river {don't ask} picking a bank is crucial to defining your Parisian identity. 

LOFT design by... has got the perfect canvas tote to keep your life organized while hopping between the two.


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  1. Love it, love it, love it. I stopped in LOFT when I was in Paris last month and it's such a cool, casual shop. Love them even more now they have such a cute sense of humor :)

    New giveaway on my blog...win a copy of 'Paris vs New York', the best book ever!



  2. These are so cute!!! Great find! xoxo


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