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Summertime is late to arrive in Paris, making up for lost time with triple-digit temperatures that have me running to pool any chance I get. In the spirit of tanning, bikinis and gossip magazine-reading, this month's playlist is full of guilty pleasures, pop-rock and oldies. 

1. on the radio//regina spektor
2. erase me//kid cudi
3. up on north shore//the sea and cake
4. blazin'//nicki minaj
5. paris in the morning//joe purdy
6. the boys of summer//the ataris
7. give me just a little more time//chairmen of the board
8. sweet dreams//beyonce
9. until you're over me//maroon 5
10. one more time//daft punk
11. all my love//led zeppelin
12. you make loving fun//fleetwood mac
13. help me rhonda//the beach boys
14. livin' thing//e.l.o.
15. murder to excellence//jay-z & kanye
16. midnight city//m83
17. mykonos//fleet foxes
18. angel//akon
19. night moves//bob seger
20. the thrill//wiz khalifa
21. amazing//kanye 

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