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Words can't describe how much I admire Kate Middleton's refined style and polish appearance: not only is she the epitome of a classic beauty, but her style choices reflect her personality in an appropriate yet distinctive manner. This post should come as no surprise  to you, and will be one in a series of many which could be alternatively referred to as the "KM fan pages."

Today's image-heavy post will focus on the  oh-so-important relationship between celebrity and designer. Many fashion-conscious actresses have made great efforts to link themselves with a certain designer: see the relationship between Renee Zellweger and Carolina Herrara, Charlotte Gainsbourg and  Nicolas Ghesquière (with Balenciaga.) This mutually beneficial relationship results in great design--muses are a priceless asset to designers.

Jenny Packham is one designer who should count on Kate for just such a relationship. A rising designer out of Britain, her designs are worn by many young Hollywood actresses, her runway collections meet rave reviews each season which she has parlayed into a strong business empire with both a ready-to-wear line, along with a bridal collection.

You may know the designs of JP better than you think--she designed the red dress worn by Hermoine Granger in the first installment of Deathy Hallows. On film, the dress was worn to the would-be crashed wedding, and somehow survives a stealthy apparition to safety, landing into London's busy bustling center, remaining flawless.

Our favorite newly-established royal has been seen sporting the creating of JP at multiple events,  most recently in her trip to North America. Kate Middleton is learning the benefit of this relationship early in her career: while she has acted diplomatically in choosing local designers when making international visits, choosing DVF while in California, yet while on her home turf, her go-to designer remains none other than Jenny Packham.

It's easy to see why she donned this particular yellow dress while traveling through a Canadian airport during the royal couples most latest voyage--the color, silhouette and texture are flattering and, as always, chic.

Of all the photographs taken, the image at left is my most favorite: despite the wind blowing at her skirt and hair, Kate seems at ease and comfortable in what she's wearing. The styling is impeccable as always: nude heels and a small golden clutch fit into the warm neutral color scheme and add an appropriate amount of glitz for this daytime event.

Kate's butter yellow dress is simply elegant: the notched collar is not overpowering, slightly gathered sleeves give her some volume in her shoulders which only serves to contrast against her (very) narrow waist. The large covered buttons add detail without overpowering the silhouette of the skirt. With her model frame, Kate sticks to the respectable knee-length hem. In the breeze her skirt seems to float around her.

As always, she wears the dresses--they don't wear her. It seems as if women today have forgotten that clothes are meant to flatter and highlight the individual--too often I see pieces overshadow the wearer. Needless to say, Kate never has this problem.

Her more widely received choice by JP was worn in early June to a gala dinner with her new husband, Prince William. Again, Kate sticks with a gown that hits high--a little above her natural waist, with sequin patterns and a crystal embellishment belt-detail.

This dress is absolutely gorgeous! The floor length skirt suits her frame and height, while the tulle gathered at the shoulders balance out the bodice of her dress. Once again, Kate chooses a gorgeous gown that flatters her. The light pink iridescent sequins are a great neutral and avoid any risk of being too flashy, yet they reflect  enough light to give off a warm glow. Leave it to Kate to wear a full-sequined gown effortlessly.


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