friday finds: pink pants

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today's rainy weather called for a quick trip to my favorite thrift store for some cozy sweaters and colorful pants. i've been yearning for a pair of pink pants for so long, and i finally found a great pair!

J. Crew matchstick cords in a super-bright pink color!

GPOY price-tag: $4.99! 

One quick internet search (i love you, google) and I realized that my lovely pair of pants went back a few seasons. I don't seek out popular brands when I thrift as much as I look for cool textures and unique pieces, so this was double the surprise! 

J. Crew-styled vintage matchstick cords. 

But since I didn't have my pick of size or inseam.....

I've always wanted pants that match my walls!

I ended up with a size 29T...and a few extra feet of pant leg! I'll hem those suckers, and even have enough left over to stitch up some matching wrist warmers...or not.

I've been searching like a crazy person for weeks looking for bright pink pants and I was lucky enough to come across these cords in brand-new condition.

When second-hand shopping for specific pieces, it can be very helpful to search for pieces in  newer condition, increasing your odds of finding a piece with a more modern fit (ie. needs less tailoring!) However in this case, pink pants are pretty rare--so I was willing to alter a pair that may have had a higher rise of larger flare than I wanted. I was super lucky to find a straight legged pair.

So now that I've finally got my hands on a pair of bright pink pants, I can start pairing them with some long-sleeved, cozy sweaters and tops just in time for fall.

cue the inspiration board! 

When wearing such a bright color, it's best to balance your outfit with a neutral top: classic nautical stripes/black motorcycle jacket/white v-neck shirt [etc.]

My go-to fashion & styling website, even jumped on the trend and posted a simple but verrrry helpful how-to rock the bright skinnies.

click to visit the page.

Tips for finding your own pair: 
  • know what you want: pink pink pink was the only color I wanted. whatever color you're looking for, narrow in on it and scan the racks for the shade of your hearts' desire. 
  • be open-minded: you won't find a perfect pair of pants, unless you're the luckiest & best thrifter in the world. chances are you'll need to at least hem a pair you find. embrace the fact that whatever you find will be one-of-a-kind.
  • don't give up: it took me more than a few visits to finally swoop in. don't stop trying. 


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  1. Love those pants! The color is beautiful. I really want colored pants too :)

  2. Saw your link and JCA and had to check out these lovely cords. Thanks for the styling inspiration.


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