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This post is semi-inspired by my recent addition to the iPhone game, words with friends, and my frequently dealt consonant-rich hands that only let me play single-letter scores! I'll blame it on the computer and not my small vocabulary!

Word has it that the fashion house of Missoni, known for their colorful geometric prints, and equally beautiful heir, Margherita, has partnered with mass-retailer Target, for a collection due in fall of 2011. Boo! Unwelcome news to this blogger--I've always been less than pleased with their designer collaborations, and  against all odds, have continued with their GO! International campaign. Designers simply cannot suceed when they attempt to translate their visions into a mass-produced collection designed to appeal to the average customer!

Sure this seems vain, or shallow, but consider this point: high-end, haute couture or runway designers have a clear, often bizarre vision. There is a reason these designers do not work for mass-retailers to begin with! While it is not always financially saavy to stick to a clear personal vision of fashion. (consider the amount of customers of late designer Alexander McQueen) it is equally important to encourage them to stick to their visions, and not to degrade their visions onto polyblend and viscose fabrics in muted colors that customers are apt to still purchase, even in a recession. Progress wasn't made by Coco Chanel in the 1930s by having her collaborate with Woolworths'!

In addition, these leaked photos don't accurately reflect the Missioni vision. Check out the two photos, modeled by Margherita herself. For those consumers who have heard of the brand and iconic family of fashion before the ads run, these sky blue, orange, and brown stripes of color will be a let down.

Of course, we must wait until October 13th, when the collection hit stores to see exactly what the complete collection will look like, but from these teasers, I can't imagine anything remarkable, let alone worthy of purchasing. I never thought I'd see the day when Missoni would be printed on cheap fabrics and sold at double-digit price points, but I was wrong.

So, for the rest of those insulted self-proclaimed fashionistas, here are a few personal favorites from the Missoni collection and ad campaign.

Supermodel Kate Moss. 

Beaded Minidress currently priced at a cool 1,490 USD. Proof that good design costs money. 

The trademark pattern of the Missoni house revolves around this zig-zag pattern of bright colors. The wider the spectrum of colors, the prettier the knit! 

Finally, the many looks of gorgeous heiress and rising designer, Margherita Missoni. Click to zoom.


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