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While wondering around the downtown of Bethesda after a job interview, with extra time on my meter, I wandered into a super cute boutique that focused on home furnishings. My room at home is already packed with travel souvenirs and paperback books but I couldn't help but drool over a line of embroidered pillows and etched glasses featuring different cities, domestic and international. 

The objects of my desire are produced by a company called, catstudio, and once I got home I discovered their website store had much more to offer. 
 I was, of course, drawn to the shelves upon shelves of brightly embroidered oversized throw pillows. The intricate detail and quality of these pillows can really only be admired in person, and I of course gravitated towards their international pillows. A little digging and some rearranging later, I found what I had been hoping for--a Paris pillow!

Always looking for a way to pay homage to my former home, the city of lights, I was in awe. Unfortunately the only thing keeping me from taking one home was the price tag, a steep 149 USD. As a sewer I can appreciate the value of hard work, and these pillows are hand embroidered--no easy feat. But as a student searching for a post-grad position that will pay enough to support my spending habits, I couldn't bear to walk off with one, today.
The glasses that lined the top of a beautiful white armoir caught my eye both for their practicality and abundance. At a much more affordable 12 USD per glass, these glasses could add some geographic design chic to my cabinet without taking up precious space. Plus, every state has their own design plus a handful of international capitals.

What a great way to pay homage to your favorite city or state in a fun and functional way!  

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