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 Vintage patterns may be one of my most favorite things to collect. Affordable and widely available, these paper patterns  draw on my interest in fashion trends in history and offer me the opportunity to make a version for myself, in a textile of my choice!

My obsession with thrifting and vintage fashions is a clear reflection of my preference for old over new. These monogramed stencils are no different: I love the detail to the design, as well as the wide range of styles. These patterns were the inspiration for my final fashion project of my undergraduate career: decorating the top of my cap!

Drawing on the timeless, yet current trend of monogramming, I used pink puffy paint to stencil my person monogram on the top of my cap. You can see the final result below!

I am more than happy with how it turned out. Not only was my family able to spot me in a crowd of thousands of black robbed-students, but the cap was a hit with my sorority sisters--so much that a few decided to paint on their own initials in time for the ceremony.

With most vintage patterns, one must be delicate in handling the raw printed paper, and risk damaging the outline of the pattern by using it as a template for creating sewing pieces. With this particular embroidery template, I was able to trace on my design and paint it free hand, working around my rough sketch.

I'll definitely be using this again for future projects.


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