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Paris last night was a sunny magical dream that the entire city had been dreaming of for months on end. Walking outside my apartments without the extra layer of winter jacket that my body has been permanently attached to for these past months felt odd--an overwhelming sense of lightness, like when you change purses and feel like YOU MUST BE FORGETTING SOMETHING.

In a completely logical series of events, I found myself eating sushi on a sidewalk in the 1ème yesterday. I'd been meaning to try Mobilis in Mobili  for some time now after reading a very convincing article on le bon bon that translated roughly said, "cheap good seafood." I am easy to please and so off we went. 

Mobilis in Mobili lets you create your own custom platter of seafood goodness, served on a fancy bed of ice and seashells.

A feast fit for a mermaid. 

Order mussels by the 500g and choose between eight different recipes and broths. We went with marnière which came with funny little waffle fries on top! Decent food, but not the best mussels in Paris.

And last but not least, the pièce-de-resistance: squid-ink risotto. Feeling like quite the adult for ordering such a sophisticated offering, my ego shut up after the first bite. It's bad. Really bad. The phrase "we should have gotten fries" was said more than once. 

For the brave souls willing to try sidewalk seafood, check out their page on lafourchette

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