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Prepare yourself for this life-changing confession...

I've never really understood Tilda Swinton. Indie-darling of the jet-set fashion pack, she has a string of well-received films under her belt and yet I've never felt a strong connection to her celebrity persona. Her personal life is the stuff of legends and her androgynous look is refreshing among a sea of extension-ed bronzed barbies. 
She has two lovers, which is very fashion and she sometimes shows up to fancy events in golden pyjamas. Verrrry fashion.

The self-proclaimed fashion expert in me decided that enough was enough; it was time to make an effort to get to know Tilda. The perfect occasion presented itself to me on a transatlantic flight while scrolling through the endless films on Air France.  I decided to spend the next two hours watching A Bigger Splash, a decision made much easier by the fact that dreamboat Matthias Schoenaerts would be getting some major screen-time along with Tilda. (Matthias Schoenaerts is a beautiful, beautiful man). 

Set on the Italian island of Pantelleria, the film centers around the thrilling life and sexual escapades of rock-star Tilda and her beautifully-curated wardrobe, courtesy Raf Simons (chez Dior, à l'époque). Alongside Giulia Piersanti, the design team created an assortment of chic resort wear, minimalist in spirit, beautiful on the big screen.

“All the characters in the film are fighting the fact that none of us can communicate with each other, with words or anything else. It’s a really tricky business, communication.”

The costume duo does a fabulous job letting the clothing speak and play it's part leaving the mysterious Tilda looking effortlessly glamorous, the modern Dior woman personified. 

Have you seen A Bigger Splash? What did you think of it? 

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