american breakfast.

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French breakfasts can get boring after awhile, so when the urge for omelettes and pancakes hit I headed down the street to my favorite place for a taste of home. Coffee Parisien has the best range of diner-style food (get your omelettes and burgers here) but offer other yummy classics with a twist: chicken tandoori, avocado + grapefruit salad, raspberry pancakes...

Plus, being the only nacho-serving restaurant within 800m from my apartment earns the mega-points on lazy Sunday afternoons.

The American History major in me is obsessed with these Presidential-time line placemats. Order something that needs ketchup: Heinz in a glass bottle is something you can't find everyday.

I'm not the only one obsessed--they've expanded to three locations: 

4, rue Princesse - Paris 75006 - 01 43 54 18 18

7, rue Gustave Courbet - Paris 75016 - 01 45 53 17 17

46, rue de Sablonville - Neuilly Sur Seine 92200 - 01 46 37 13 13

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