things i want: heart printed tights

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Paris has been unseasonably cold and rainy for the last month, leaving me with no other choice than to rock my winter tights and dream of sunshine that I can enjoy, bare-legged.

These adorable heart-shaped YSL tights are the perfect part of transition tights: fun enough to pair with summery dresses while still offering some coverage from this unseasonably cold temperatures. In light of the new name change over at chez Yves Saint Laurent, it may be time to get your hands on some whimsical (and almost giraffe-like) printed tights before YSL becomes simply, Saint Laurent Paris.

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At 35€, on sale, they're a splurge but an adorable and completely necessary purchase, since I'm guessing you don't already own a pair. Paired with a classic black ensemble and a bold red purse, these suckers add a subtle touch of sass. 


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