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If there's one thing Parisian women love above all else, it's tights. (They don't even go bare-legged in shorts.) Three months navigating this urban jungle and bizarre weather has taught me that a great pair of tights can get you from morning to night, and make any outfit a bit more chic, and a lot more comfy. 

While surfing the some websites I miss, but can't afford, including UO, I came across a pair of House of Holland tights, featuring tiny Eiffel Towers all over. How adorable. Sure they're totally touristy, and no self-respecting Parisian would be caught wearing them, but last time I checked, my passport said American. So, like any other France-obsessed fashion blogger, I will be ordering them as soon as I can afford shipping. (It's expensive, you guys.)

via {UO}

Something about the Tour Eiffel is so much better than any American landmark. Who would want a Sears Tower printed all over their legs? Answer: no one. 


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  1. I seriously need to get into wearing tights, especially the House of Holland ones (have you seen the cute glittery garter ones?). & these are beyond adorable. As a NYer I would never even rock an I <3 NY shirt, but these, without a doubt! Hope France is treating you lovely :)
    xx Corinne

  2. Hi! I just nominated you for The Liebster Award. Congrats! For details, visit my page :)


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